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Borgund Stave Church - Borgund, Lærdal, Norway

Beautiful Borgund Stave Church – Borgund, Lærdal, Norway

Our modern world doesn’t seem so modern when we step back and look through the lens of reason. No matter how far our academic, intellectual, or educational achievements take us, society is still governed by abstracts: passions, sympathies, or feelings. Our modern media relies more on sympathy and fear to sell stories, than logic or fact. Our marketing industry continually dramatizes romantic ideals to sell products and services, equating relationships with material goods, implying you don’t love someone if you don’t buy their product.

In many respects, it would appear our Western world reached its pinnacle at some point decades ago, and now we’re reverting to the Dark Age embrace of bias and stereotypes, even to define one another. The Christian world has suffered, as well. Scandals, abuses, and illegal activities have done more to harm the world of belief than anything else has. The lack of proper response to so many growing issues has only compounded the problems.

Scholar of Christ is a non-denominational website that provides the layperson with biblical teaching, instruction, and assistance. Most of the discussions will be in-depth and involve both scriptural as well as secular information. Christians are not “of the world,” but we indeed live in the world and often the differing systems conflict. They create seemingly impossible problems that can be remedied with a little research.

This site’s purpose is to provide information. All believers are encouraged to explore their own research materials and draw their own conclusions, in accordance to their relationship with Christ.



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Christian discussions in a secular world.