We are what you might call “Christian Detectives.”

What is a Christian Detective? Simply put, we live in a curious world where curious events happen. History is filled with peculiar practices, events, and peoples. Many Christians have a variety of questions regarding these exceptional and unusual topics, but many are discouraged from making even basic deductions. This site is devoted to those who appreciate the intellectual capacity God bestowed upon humankind.

Isaac Newton, Charles Babbage, Louis Carrier, Jonas Salk, Nikola Tesla, Louis Pasteur, history is filled with great Christian thinkers and creators. All of those tremendous figures asked questions.  Logic, reason, and deduction are just as much a part of religion, as faith. No one will observe a religion they don’t have faith in. No one will practice something they don’t or can’t understand.

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” – Romans 10:17

Too many Christians are given a “just because” reason when they have important spiritual questions. That does not solidify any scriptural teaching or help the individual in doubt. Too many Christians view asking questions as somehow threatening to faith, however forget faith comes by understanding. Seeking godly answers is not anti-biblical, anti-Christian, or anti-faith.

The site is indeed a place for Christians who ask questions. It should also be noted that, no matter how well referenced an answer may be, each individual should indeed consult with scripture, as well as other reference materials, prior to drawing their own conclusion. One of the most beautiful aspects of the faith is that every individual receives a differing message; however, all coincide with scriptural teachings.

Scholar of Christ is a non-denominational website that provides the layperson with biblical teaching, instruction, and assistance. Most of the discussions will be in-depth and involve both scriptural as well as secular information. Christians are not “of the world,” but we indeed live in the world and often the differing systems conflict. They create seemingly impossible problems that can be remedied with a little research.

This site’s purpose is to provide information. All believers are encouraged to explore their own research materials and draw their own conclusions, in accordance to their relationship with Christ.




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