Aliens and Modern Society

  • Aliens and Modern Society
Metz Cathedral, Lorraine, France. Circa 1552.

Aliens are a hot topic in popular culture. Even the History Channel has a number of shows dedicated to the idea of advanced life forms. What does this really say about our society? Are we eager to “learn” from higher life forms? Or is it a substitute for God? Are aliens, like the modern school of evolution, simply replacement religions that require no lifestyle change, personal sacrifice, and can simply alter with our whims?

The concept of what we call “aliens” allows the delicate, secular mind to embrace the very real presence of the unexplained in both science and history. It’s a form of rationalization geared to simply accommodate and is usually manipulated to suit current trends and opinions. Christians should be careful in how they embrace this popular myth.
Does the bible explicitly state there aren’t any inhabitable worlds in the universe beyond our own? No, it doesn’t, and there is nothing negative about speculating on such existences. The topic becomes dubious when we begin labeling miracles of God, as miracles from “higher life forms from outer space.” The issues become apparent when we, like science, ignore the fact that the universe is filled with countless forms of higher intelligence, it just happens to be spiritual.

If the historic “Space Race” taught us anything, it is that space does not accommodate or support flesh-and-blood beings. It is not conducive to life, in any way. Our nation alone has wasted billions trying to force a variety of species to adjust to the barren, frigid environment. Our astronauts endure a tremendous amount of physical and mental training just to exist in such an environment for a few days.

One of the ulterior priorities behind the alien surge seems to be the elimination of attention on works normally attributed to Christ and the work of Holy God, and redirect that focus onto beings from another time, place, or dimension. Scripture is filled with references to spirits, from God to Christ, to spirits of the earth, and the Devil.

To start this series, here are a few considerations that will be discussed later on:

  1. Advanced life forms would have no interest in a primitive world. Benevolent aliens would not create mass panic. If they wanted to help us, they would. Malevolent aliens have no reason to hide. If they wanted something on the planet, they would simply take it.
  1. Despite an infinite number of historical accounts featuring mysterious lights in the sky, or strange lights in the heavens, there was never any ship or craft attached to those lights until humans created airships.
  1. “Alien abductions,” didn’t happen until the Twentieth Century, and only then after it emerged into popular culture. The description is eerily similar to the experience of being born.
  1. All ancient peoples had similar cultures and religions because they were “scattered,” as recorded in the bible [Genesis 11:8-9, Deuteronomy 28:64, Deuteronomy 4:27, Leviticus 26:33, Ezekiel 30:23]. The beliefs originate in the same place. Those early beliefs lost similarity in translation due to the formation of languages [Genesis 11:7-9, Genesis 10:5].
  1. The symptoms of those who are “abducted by aliens” and those suffered by persons under demonic attack are nearly identical.
  1. Animal mutilations, normally accredited to aliens, only seem to happen to animals that are edible.
  1. Angels can easily assume the human form. They do it many times throughout scripture, and many people believe they still do so today [Genesis 19:1, Daniel 9:21, John 20:12, Hebrews 13:2, Acts 5:19, Matthew 4:11, Judges 13:6, Matthew 1:20]. If angels can do it, so can demonic forces, which often appear as children. Would it be difficult for either spirit to assume the shape of “grays” or “greens?”

This series is not to doubt or discredit people who claim to have had unexplainable experiences. The world is filled with mysteries we are not privy to. Most often, they happen to non-religious individuals as proof. This series is simply to emphasize we look in the right direction for answers.