Bible Interpretation

Bayeux Cathedral Normandy 1077
Bayeux Cathedral in Normandy, France, consecrated in 1077.

“Interpretation” is a common word often resorted to when you say what someone doesn’t want to hear. Your “interpretation is wrong.” You’ve just, “misinterpreted.” The fault is not single-sided. Perhaps the worst way Christians use scripture is also by “cherry picking,” which is the most common practice we see in society against Christians. Non-believers memorize a few obscure verses from an Old Testament book, individually, in order to “prove” the entire book is full of “hate.”

Any document in existence can be misinterpreted to suit the reader. If the same “cherry picking” was done with a document like the Bill of Rights, we could say the historic bill only applied white men who owned land. It could also justify violence against the government. Would such reasoning hold up in a court of law? Of course not. Yet, the same ridiculous exaggerations are used against biblical scripture and it’s regarded as intelligent.

You can’t take this verse or that verse alone. They are all part of the Holy Book.

Interpreting scripture is easy when you take these into consideration:

  1. Read every verse in context. Take several verses together and try to find similar passages elsewhere for validation.
  2. Realize the social, moral, and political atmospheres when the words were written. For example, scripture written during a period of war will differ from scripture written during a time of peace.





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