Historic Chartres Cathedral, opened 1220, in Chartres, France.

The mission for this site is to provide information. It is not a place of debate, heated discourse, or robust disagreement. Since this site deals with a religious questions and answers, a portion of visitors will likely disagree with the information provided here. We would also encourage the visitor to begin their own respective Christian-based website. If more time was used to spread the glorious word, and less time wasted engaged in heated battles between one another, the world would be a far better place. No matter how our opinions on details and technicalities differ, the primary focus should be that we all worship the same Christ.


We will cover a variety of topics and, should one be missing, it’s most likely we simply haven’t published information on it. The site is ever growing, so check back periodically. We also offer free email subscription so you can receive updates directly to your Inbox.

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